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When customers look for products and services in the local markets, and not at the global level, they are more likely to visit the addresses that Google Maps has displayed at the top of the search results. If your business address is not in the top search results, you are bound to loose the customers to your competitors.

Hence, it is very much clear that your local business will flourish when it is instantly visible to the customers on Google Maps listings for the keywords of your business products and services. This requires you to optimize your local business ranking in the top Google Maps listings.

At SEMToday, we are one of the leading search-engine-marketing strategists who carry expertise in optimizing techniques. We make a thorough analysis of the keywords that the customers are typing on Google to find out the products or services you offer in the market. Our SEO experts help in your business rank high in the Google map listings.

To optimize your website on Google Maps listings, first we make certain that lots of accurate information goes in your listing. You company name must have keywords for optimization purpose. We make judicious use of keywords related to your city and state in your Meta Tags and Titles. Your web pages should have your address. Listing of your company and business in local directories also boosts your chances of coming up on Google Maps listing. More in-bound links coming from local websites in your city and directories also help in ranking higher in the listings. Those places getting higher ratings in Google reviews have better chances of getting high rankings on the listings and we make all efforts towards it.

We practice only genuine SEO techniques for higher rankings of your website in Google Maps listings. To ensure that Google does not ban your listing, we provide only correct information about your business.

Benefits from Google Maps listings rankings for your business include:
  • High visibility for your business in the search results.
  • Your business gets noticed instantly for local searches by customers.
  • Easy locating of your business due to directions displayed by Google Maps.
  • All your different business locations get listed.
  • You have complete control of your listings through adding and deleting information when you wish
  • Impress customers by including your business's photo and logo in the listing.

We also ensure that your Google Maps listing has the badge saying that you are owner of the business and that the badge appears in the listing. This measure helps in preventing others from claiming ownership of your listings and they cannot make unwanted changes in your phone number, street address etc in the listings.

Our Google Maps listing optimization service include:
  • Keyword research and inserting accurate keywords in the listings.
  • We make efforts that your business on Google Maps and business listings.
  • We also ensure to get your business listed higher on Pay-per-click Ads on Google Maps.
  • Our expertise will keep your website to top organic rankings in the same page.
  • New business listing on Google Maps created or claiming the present listing.
  • Adding new information such as changed phone numbers, opening hours, street and website address to your listings.
  • Optimization of all your business categories.
  • Your business logo published.
  • We help your business site get more Google Maps yellow tags that ensure more visibility and hence more clicks for your website.
  • Get your website included in local Yellow pages, local directories and reviews that in turn gives boost to your site's Google Maps listing rankings.

While making changes in your Google Maps listings, we take your approval and publish them only getting your nod. Get started with us to find your business at the higher rankings of the listings.

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